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Veterans Online Gaming Group UK. 

The online pilot project (the alpha test) to trial the use of therapeutic role-playing games for serving personnel and military veterans living in GMT time-zone will end in April 2023.

From the results of this alpha test we will be able to...

Create an Online Military Game Hub for serving and veteran military personnel. Full details to follow but any serving personnel or veterans (TA, reservist or regular) who wants to join and GM/ play in a military only group do drop us an email. We would love to have you onboard.

As well as playing and GMing games we will also be offering free in-house training in 'Therapeutic Gaming for Veterans' for potential military GMs.

We are also putting together a pilot project with Veterans NHS to use Therapeutic Gaming to help British military veterans. We will be drawing from the Online Military Game Hub military GMs who have completed the training in 'Therapeutic Gaming for Veterans' module.  

If interested in getting involved do click the link below and drop me an email, but also sign up to our social media and newsletter.

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