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'An innovative, evidence-based approach to address social isolation, trauma and aid recovery'.

Schools, libraries and Clubs 

Working Group started July 2023

Alpha test groups started January 2024

Groups go live UK-wide Sep 2024

Young People Groups


Autistic Young People

Working Group started September 2023

Alpha test groups started January 2024

Groups go live UK-wide Sep 2024


Young People
experiencing chronic disease.

Working Group Nov 23

Alpha test t0 start April 2024

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Therapeutic Gaming for Young People

The charities main effort in 2023 was to set up and support new projects for children and young people. This objective was greatly helped by funding from GamesAid charity which will cover the set up costs to allow these projects to start in 2024. 

The work has also been greatly facilitated by partnerships with other organisations such as Derby University, and the Roald Dahl Foundation. We are also working with multiple other schools, libraries, charities and local authority agencies.

For more details drop us an email, mentioning the project in the subject header. 

The Three Main Areas for therapeutic gaming for Young People in 2024

The charities three main effort in 2023 is to set up and support new projects for:-


  • Therapeutic gaming opportunities for Young People in Schools, Libraries and Clubs. This will include, but not be restricted to, Young People with Special Educational Needs. 

  • Therapeutic gaming opportuniities for autistic Young People. This will be via both face-to-face and online projects. 

  • Therapeutic gaming opportunities for Young People with chronic disease. We will be doing this in partnership with Roald Dahl Foundation and the first group will be for Young People diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 

    We are also looking at other projects for Young People including projects around Gender Identity.  

From 'Working Group' to 'Operational Committee'.

In 2023 three Working Groups of approx 15-20 volunteer experts from across varies disciplines (clinicians, educators, game designers, gamers, service users) were set-up in each of the three main areas.

The Working Groups were tasked with designing safe, evidence-based projects with measurable key performance indictors and key risk indicators.

Each Working Group trialled several small 'alpha test groups' (testing all elements of the project including volunteer elements (onboarding and training of the volunteer staff plus ongoing peer-support and clinical supervision). 

In 2024 each of the Working Groups will transition into operational committees to deliver the projects UK-wide, under the governance of Games Therapy UK charity.   

Our Volunteers 

All our volunteers will be given training, peer-montorship and clinical supervision. They all have a current DBS and are insured under the charity. 


All Game Therapy UK therapeutic gaming projects will be part of research projects. For our Autistic Young People projects we will be partnering with Derby University and Birmingham University. 

Our partners

In addition to local schools these projects are also delivered through partnership with:

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Our funders

Whilst we are applying for local and national funding all of the initial set-up costs of these projects have been funded by the support and generosity of GamesAid Charity. 

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