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'An innovative, evidence-based approach to address social isolation, trauma and aid recovery'.

Schools, libraries and Clubs 

Working Group started July 2023

Alpha test groups started January 2024

Groups go live UK-wide Sep 2024

Young People Groups


Therapeutic Gaming in Schools, Libraries and Clubs

One of the charities three main efforts in 2024 is to set up and support new projects for children and Young People mainstream and SEN schools, libraries and after-school clubs. Especially for children and Young People with vulnerabilities. 

We will be doing this in partnership with schools, libraries, other charities and agencies.

For more details drop us an email, mentioning the project in the subject header. 


Several 'Dungeons & Dragons' type clubs running in schools by teachers, educationalists and school librarians contacted the charity asking for our support. 

Game Therapy UK is working with these previously disparate groups of educationalists to create a professional community to share evidence-based best-practice and training.

Young People Experiencing Social Disadvantage

Whilst we work with a wide range of partner schools, libraries and clubs we are particularly interested in supporting children and Young People with vulnerabilites such as Special Educational Needs, social isolation, social disadvantage, trauma, gender identity issues etc. 

The aim is to reduce social isolation and risks of gang involvement and increase social engagement, social skills, language skills, numeracy, and creative thinking. We are seeking additional funds to allow the awarding of recognised AQA educational qualifications in basic numeracy, literary and arts (ie storytelling and model building). 


Young People RPG projects

We are currently developing a nationwide groups of in-school, after-school club, library clubs, SEN school projects, and Game Cafe clubs where children and Young People can safely play 'table-top role playing games' (like 'Dungeons & Dragons') with our trained and vetted volunteers. 

Each group will be for 4-6 (age appropriate) players supervised by a Therapeutic Gaming trained Games Master. 

The 'Dungeons & Dragons' style game will be co-created between psycholgists, educationalists and clients. 

The aim is to reduce social isolation, increase social engagement, social skills, language skills, numeracy, and creative thinking.

And, of course, have fun. 


Current Young People Schools, Libraries and Clubs projects

We are currently trialling:-


  • 13 face-to-face groups for age-streamed children in schools, school library and after-school clubs. These are for children aged 7-16 in both mainstream and SEN schools in Brighton, Derby, London, Pembrokeshire and York. 

  • 3 face-to-face groups for 18-25 year old socially isolated Young People (in Colchester, Doncaster, London, and Inverness). 

  • 1 online group for 18-25 year old young people with gender identity issues. 

These 'alpha test' groups are being supervised by our Working Group of clinicians, therapists, educators and professional game designers. 

This 'alpha test' will be completed by July 2024, when the project will be gradually extended  nationally. 

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Our Volunteers 

All our volunteers will be given training, peer-montorship and clinical supervision. They all have a current DBS and are insured under the charity. 


All Game Therapy UK therapeutic gaming projects will be part of research projects. For our Autistic Young People projects we will be partnering with Derby University and Birmingham University. 

Our partners

In addition to local schools these projects are also delivered through partnership with:

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Our funders

Whilst we are applying for local and national funding all of the initial set-up costs of these projects have been funded by the support and generosity of GamesAid Charity. 

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