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There is growing evidence of the therapeutic benefits of RPG and video game playing in the management of trauma exposure/ PTSD from studies of US military personel.  However little work has been done with the UK military population and we hope to be able to address that.

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  trauma informed approach

Online UK military
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A small study of US veterans diagnosed with PTSD showed that military 'first person shooter' games showed more robust outcomes than conventional psychotherapy and behavioral modification techniques (Journal Games Health Aug 2015)

Online USA military games group

"Veterans may benefit from the development and use of clinical applications of video games in PTSD treatment, clinical attention should continue to focus on established psychosocial predictors of PTSD"
(Journal of Trauma Stress April 2017)

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Cooperative gaming provides "camaraderie, skill sharpening, and pure enjoyment and recreation" and has aided in the reintegration into  civilian life following combat exposure PTSD.

Why Game Therapy?

There is evidence of benefit in the management of combat trauma from cooperative game play, both computer and role-play games (RPGs). Following discussions with military veterans in the UK and USA we co-created two projects, a UK and US Online Military Game Groups to trial the therapeutic RPG games.