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Game Therapy UK is a new and innovative charity set up to promote Therapeutic Gaming and Game Therapy for the public benefit.

Game Therapy UK's vision is to ensure an access to all those who would benefit from Therapeutic Gaming and Game Therapy. 

Game Therapy UK's core values are trustworthiness, inclusivity, and compassion

Game Therapy UK sets out to promote the highest possible standards of practice of Therapeutic Gaming and Game Therapy. Our Standards of Practice and Policy documents are available here

Game Therapy UK's activities include supporting the provision of high quality, evidence-based Therapeutic Gaming and Game Therapy projects to the UK population across the areas of physical health, mental health and social disadvantage.

We will also promote research into, and education of, all aspects of Therapeutic Gaming and Game Therapy.

Therapeutic Gaming is any game purposefully designed to promote players to act out scenarios in a safe, controlled, psychologically informed environment to facilitate creativity, imagination, learning, insight, and growth.

It follows the standards of Therapeutic Gaming set by Game Therapy UK and uses collaborative Role-Playing Games (RPGs), such as 'Dungeons & Dragons’ type games or video games, to intentionally achieve these positive benefits.

Any game has the potential of being a 'therapeutic game', and any gamer can learn and adopt the principles of Therapeutic Gaming'. 

Game Therapy is therapeutic gaming supervised or facilitated by clinicians (such as psychologists or occupational therapists) that sets out to intentionally achieve therapeutic goals. It follows the standards of Therapeutic Gaming set by Game Therapy UK, but also follows the clinical standards set by the clinicians professional and/ or governing bodies.

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Game Therapy UK work closely with experts across various fields (for example, psychologists, occupational therapists, educationalist, drug and alcohol recovery workers), to reach a wide range of clients.

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