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Camden Games Club is a face-to-face, and online tabletop role-playing game community based in Camden. It provides a safe, inclusive and friendly environment for games.


Camden Games Club operates under the auspices of Game Therapy UK  registered charity and adheres to its aims, objectives and values.

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Rules of Camden Games Club

Be Respectful

  • Camden Games Club is an inclusive and diverse community. Please treat everyone with respect and dignity. We have a zero tolerance policy on discrimination and harassment. If in doubt please err on the side of kindness.

Boundaries and Sensative Topics

  • Sensative topics can sometimes appear in games. GMs should cover this, and other safety tools, in the 'session zero'. Everyone in each game has the right to set personal boundaries on behaviour and topics in the games they take part in.

No Selling

  • Please don't join this community in order to sell your services or spam the members. If you have a service or game that you think the members might be interested please email the admins first. 

  • All of the games/ groups are free.

Don't share illegal or pirated content

We support Camden residents experiencing homelessness

  • The Club provides a safe space community for Camden gamers to find games,  to build social networks, and provide comradeship. 

Camden Games Club GMs

  • All of our GM volunteers have undergone selectioninduction training, and DBS checks by Game Therapy UK. Our GM volunteers are insured and also have access to further ongoing training. 

  • All GM training for volunteers is free. 

Working Group

  • Gameis administered by a small working group of serving and veteran military volunteers.

  • Camden Games Club is funded by GTUK's therapeutic gaming project to support people experiening homelessness and follows GTUK aims, core values and policies.


Camden Games Club itself holds no data on members. Any data is held by the registered charity Game Therapy UK and data is held in compliance with GTUK GDPR policy.  

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