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Finbar Macdonald-Westall –Recovery coach.
Fin started working with Camden Alcohol services and trained as a recovery coach with particular interest in the neuroscience of trauma and behavioral change. For the last 5 years Fin has worked in the field of Adult complex Needs and Homelessness wth The Single Homeless Project as a Support Worker in the ‘Complex needs, and Substance-Use Homeless Hostel Pathway’ in Camden.
Through Fin’s work it became apparent that many of his clients experiencing homelessness had significant Complex Trauma leaving them unable to engage with formal therapy, which they found to challenging. However, using activities and simple coaching approaches he found he was able to create meaningful outcomes in the areas of self-reflection, concentration, and the positive use of their time. All of which are key skills the clients need on their recovery journey. The use of RPGs activities as social interactions to help the clients model intra, infra communication skills, and emotional self-regulation could be invaluable in preparing the clients for more conventional therapeutic interventions.
He has played RPGs since 1981.

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