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There is growing evidence of the benefits of RPG Therapy in the management of young people with Special Educational Needs and people who have experienced psychological trauma (such as military veterans, prison inmates, complex childhood trauma). However little work has been done amongst people in recovery from addiction. We hope to be able to address that.

the challenge

  trauma informed approach

CGL recovery
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Whilst there are many causes of addiction multiple studies in both the USA and UK show that approximately 60% of people in addiction services have experienced significant trauma. 

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Playing games can help as part of the recovery from addiction. Even something as simple as playing Tetris has measurable effects in reducing addictive behaviour. (Journal of Addictive Behaviours 2015). 

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Many games are about creating self esteem, and if you get good at the games you go up in the ranks and reap the rewards. For some, this may be the only source of self esteem that they receive.

Why Game Therapy?
From our discussions with clients at CGL (Care Grow Live) we have set up a co-created project, Camden CGL Game Group. We are also in discussion with the group about setting up an all-female game group, details to follow. 

PG’s use ‘avatars’ (the in-game character) which we thought might be helpful for some clients reluctant to participate in traditional drama therapy.


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