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What is TAG?

  • Tactical Advance to Game (TAG) is a military-led gaming community set up in conjunction with Game Therapy UK (GTUK).

  • TAG provides a community for military gamers to find games, run by military community members, to build social networks, and provide comradeship. 

  • TAG also supports GTUK's therapeutic gaming projects supporting veterans mental health. 


How does it work?

It's simple...

  • Email your details to GTUK charity to register your membership here.

  • By emailing your details to GTUK you are confirming that you have completed the 3 minute GTUK Military TTRPG Survey (this can be done anonymously. The survey is important as it allows GTUK to plan future military gaming projects and also supports their applications for funding).

  • By emailing your details to GTUK you are also confirming that you have read and will abide by TAG rules- which essentially can be summarised as 'be respectful, and be inclusive'. 

It's free...

  • While TAG fully supports paid GMing, TAG games will never be pay-to-play. However, we do allow a voluntary 'tip your GM' systems.

How do I then join a game?

  • Once you have completed the 3 minute GTUK Military TTRPG Survey (this can be done anonymously), read and agreed to abide by TAG rules, and registered your email with GTUK charity you will be given details to join the discord server and will be eligable to book in for TAG online games.

  • Find a one-shot game or campaign  that suits you, and click the 'book here' button.

  • If you have registered your email with GTUK you will be sent joining instructions for your online game. This will explain how to join the online game. It will also outline all the details about 'character creation', 'session zero', 'homebrew rules (if any) etc.

  • Remember you will need to have registered your email with GTUK here to book a game. 

  What games are there?

  • There's a  variety of games (currently various D&D 5e, Call of Cthulhu, Aliens with more being added all the time). There are also a variety of  dates and timings available- check the website here and discord group for details.

  • There are games for beginer and experienced players. 

  • If there isn't an available game that suits, please do check back  regularly as well be adding more GMs, games and game systems over the coming months. 

  • Click herto see current games available.

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How do I become a TAG GM?

  • All our GMs are serving or veteran military personnel (regular, TA, from any services).

  • All of our GMs have undergone selection (usually a period of being a player in a TAG game, and will have a 'GM recomendation' from their TAG GM). 

  • All of our GMs will have had a short online induction training morning conducted by TAG and Game Therapy UK. Our GMs also have access to further ongoing training. 

  • All TAG GM training is free. 

What do I need?

  • Most of the games will be online so you will need a a PC or Mac with good internet. This really is a must. 

  • A good microphone and headphones can also be really useful.  

  • Once you book onto a game you will also receive the joing instructions which also detail all the requirements that you'll need. 

  • For example, some GMs will ask you to play over Discord,  Skype, Googlemeet or Teams. All of these platforms will be free for players joining a game. 

  • The 'virtual' table top system also depends upon GM preferance and most GMs will ask you to join Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds (both of which are free for players). 

How much does it cost?

  • Playing the games are free. TAG is funded by the registered charity Game Therapy UK  

  • All our GMs are volunteers, however GMs are allowed to use a discretionary 'small tip'  should you wish to make the occasional small 'thank you' tip to the GM.  

What are TAG's rules?

  • TAG rules can be summarised as 'be respectful, be inclusive'). Click here to read the TAG rules. By emaling your details to GTUK you are agreeing to abide by TAG rules.

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