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'An innovative, evidence-based approach to address social isolation, trauma and aid recovery'.

Game Therapy UK are winners of the inaugral

'Ian Livingstone Innovations in Games Award' 2023

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​ Who are Game Therapy UK?  


Game Therapy UK  are an exciting new registered charity providing innovative, evidence-based therapeutic games (“Dungeons and Dragons Therapy”) to groups at risk of social isolation.

This includes a wide range of groups such as:


  • young people and adults experiencing homelessness,


  • neurodivergent young people and adults,

  • people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction

  • survivors of modern day slavery,

  • young people with chronic disease,

  • young people and adults with Special Educational Needs,


  • and military veterans with common mental health disorders and/ or psychological trauma/ PTSD.

    With new projects in development for next year.

New Scientist talks to Game Therapy UK

New Scientist talks to Game Therapy UK

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