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'An innovative, evidence-based approach to address social isolation, trauma and aid recovery'.

Game Therapy UK are winners of the inaugral

'Ian Livingstone Innovations in Games Award' 2023

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​ Who are Game Therapy UK?  


Game Therapy UK  are an exciting new registered charity providing innovative, evidence-based therapeutic games (“Dungeons and Dragons Therapy”) to groups at risk of social isolation.

This includes a wide range of groups such as:


  • young people and adults experiencing homelessness,


  • neurodivergent young people and adults,

  • people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction

  • survivors of modern day slavery,

  • young people with chronic disease,

  • young people and adults with Special Educational Needs,


  • and military veterans with common mental health disorders and/ or psychological trauma/ PTSD.

    With new projects in development for next year.

New Scientist talks to Game Therapy UK

New Scientist talks to Game Therapy UK

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 What is Game Therapy?

Game therapy is similar to Drama Therapy in that players can act out scenarios in a safe, controlled, psychologically informed environment to facilitate creativity, imagination, learning, insight, and growth.

However, it differs from traditional Drama Thera
py in that it uses collaborative Table Top Role Playing Games (TTRPGs), such as 'Dungeons & Dragons’ type games or video games, to intentionally achieve these therapeutic goals.

And you get to play a game. So it's fun.