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Gary Colman – Chairman Game Therapy UK.
Dr Gary Colman works as a GP at a specialist homeless practice in Camden, London. 
Previously, he has designed and run the innovative ‘Targeted GP Outreach Project, a novel evidence-based program which has increased the health, well-being and life-expectancy of homeless patients in Camden. After 6 years of Targeted GP Outreach the life expectancy of his homeless patients has increased from 47 years to 52 years, at a time when nationally the average age of death has fallen from 47 years down to only 44 years of age.
In October 2021 this pioneering Outreach project won the London Homelessness Award and was also awarded Highly Commended in the prestigious national British Medical Journal Award in General Practice. 

He also has experience of working with patients with complex drug and alcohol addiction, people with severe mental health problems, and also the prison population.  

Prior to his medical work with people experiencing homelessness he served 14 years as a doctor with the British Army.

Gary has played RPGs since 1979 and has published several RPG games for ‘Dorks N Orks’.

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