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'An innovative, evidence-based approach to address social isolation, trauma and aid recovery'.

Schools/ After-schools/ Library TTRPG Working Group
July 2023


 Details to follow

 Online Neurodivergence Hub
October 2023

Adults and young people
One Housing Community Centre


Therapeutic Gaming for people living with neurodivergence

The charities main effort in 2023 is to set up and support new projects for neurodivergent young people and adults.

We will be doing this in partnership with schools, libraries, other charities and agencies.

For more details drop us an email, mentioning the project in the subject header. 

 22 Feb 2023

One of our trustees, Gary Colman, talks to Kaye Adams on BBC Radio Scotland about 'Session Zero', a documentary by Glaswegian filmmaker Carina Haouchine  about how playing Dungeons & Dragons helped her brothers Sam and his pals cope with autism. 

Click the link below to hear Carina and Thomas talk about their film, and the positive impact Dungeons & Dragons had on the diagnosis.  


Project One-
The Schools Gaming Clubs Working Group.  

There are several 'Dungeons & Dragons' type clubs running in schools and school libraries run by teachers, educationalists and school librarians who have contacted the charity asking for our support. 

Game Therapy UK is working with these previously disparate groups of educationalists to create a professional community to share evidence-based best-practice and training.

We will be supporting the Working Group with equipment and funding

We are also collating data from the groups for research for publication into the benefits of Therapeutic Gaming in schools.


Project Two-
Adults and Young People experiencing Neurodivergence. 

We are currently developing a national online, weekly Dungeons & Dragons type games hub. 

From the Games Hub young people (aged 12+) and adults with neurodivergence (autism or ADHD) can log on to play a weekly online cooperative role playing game (such as Dungeons & Dragons). Each group will be for 4-6 (age appropriate) players supervised by a Therapeutic Gaming trained Games Master. 

The Dungeons & Dragons game will be co-created between psycholgists, educationalists and clients. 

The aim is to reduce social isolation, increase social engagement, social skills, language skills, numeracy, and creative thinking. 

Project Three-
Young People Experiencing Social Disadvantage

We are currently developing  three schemes in London (Enfield, Grays Inn Road, Camden), in partnership with the 'Resident Engagement & Partnerships Team' from the not-for-profit Housing Association 'One Housing'. 
These will provide a weekly, after school 'Dungeons & Dragons' type games and also a week long 'summer camp' during the school summer holidays for socially disadvantaged 14+ year olds. 

The aim is to reduce social isolation and risks of gang involvement and increase social engagement, social skills, language skills, numeracy, and creative thinking. We are seeking additional funds to allow the awarding of recognised AQA educational qualifications in basic numeracy, literary and arts (ie storytelling and model building). 

If successful these projects can be easily expanded in Housing Associations across London. 

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